Breakfast... & Other Delectables
At TWO SISTERS INN, our credo is "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"!

Whether you are looking for a Colorado bed and breakfast, or weekend getaway, post-conference relaxation, or a romantic vacation, one of the highlights of your stay is bound to be breakfast at Two Sisters Inn. Innkeepers and owners Sharon Smith and Wendy Goldstein have been amazing their guests since 1990 by preparing unique and eye appealing breakfasts bursting with flavor. Wendy is a schooled chef and Sharon is just naturally talented with an incredible palate. Sharon makes it taste good, and Wendy makes it look pretty - a great duo in the kitchen! They have always considered the health of their guests when preparing a well-balanced breakfast. They feature fresh Colorado fruits, vegetables, and meats with herbs grown in the INN's garden to create their sensory culinary treats. With hundreds of recipes in their repertoire (some of which have been featured in numerous national and local cookbooks), returning guests always enjoy an original breakfast, unless they request one of their favorites.

The INN is noted for its many award-winning breakfast recipes such as Colorado's Golden Muffin Award for its Mandarin Orange Streusel Muffins (which piqued the interest of the Food Network!), and Pancakes with Personality® contest for its Sweet Potato Roestis (a delicious Swedish pancake made with quinoa).

Each morning a sumptuous three-course breakfast is served in the INN's intimate dining room where guests share tables and enjoy friendly conversation. Freshly brewed coffee and teas accompany piping hot scones, muffins, or other baked goodies fresh from the oven. Seasonal fruits are used to create the second course--some specialties include Passion Fruit Mousse, Roasted Pears, and Strawberry Parfaits. Finally, an imaginative hot entree is presented along with specialty sausages and bacon, or a vegetarian side dish, to complement the entree. Ask about their original "strouffles"!

Whenever possible, modified breakfasts "to go" and dietary preferences are accommodated.

Breakfast is not the only time for Wendy and Sharon to have fun plying their culinary skills. When you arrive at the INN there are homemade delectable treats awaiting you in your room. While settling in, you can enjoy complimentary beverages including the Two Sisters Inn Lemonade made with Manitou Springs' natural sparkling mineral springs water (alleged to have curative powers...), which guests insist is "the best lemonade they have ever tasted"!

"Sharon and Wendy have been serving creative and much appreciated breakfasts...for years. Their recipes may be found in many country inn and B&B cookbooks."

- Denver Post